MM and Linn Linto?

I'm thinking of upgrading my Audio Research SP9 Mk III to separate line and phono stages. My phono set-up is a recently purchased used LP12/Valhalla/Basik Plus with an Adikt cartridge (with long term plans to upgrade table, arm and cartridge). I've had the chance to audition the Audio Research PH3 SE in my system, and was very impressed, and it worked fine with a MM cartridge, with the flexibility to move into MCs in the future. I've read that the Linn Linto is a terrific match for Linn cartridges, but do I understand correctly that it will ONLY work with MC cartridges? What happens if it's hooked to a MM? Excessive gain, or more dire sonic consequences?
A MM into a MC stage, eg Linto, won't work, and will sound bad.
Noy exaclty true. The Linto was designed an doptimized for the Arkiv. For a high output MM, you can cut a wire inside the chassis to reduce the gain. Not sure how reversible this would be, though
Alexc, I *believe* the "wire solution" doesn't change the input impedance, only the gain by 10 db. The input impendance is still too low for a MM cartridge which require 47k ohms or so, so will sound bad. Please correct me if I am wrong.
I've owned both the Audio Research PH3 SE and the Linn Linto. Both are excellent units. A lot depends on your application and your ancillary equipment. I feel you can certainly do worse than the AR, particularly if you go with MM. The AR does seem to have more setup flexibility.

If you decide to go with the Linn Arkiv, the Linto has a very seductive magic.
Very true. The wire only drops the gain, but leaves impedance unchanged. I suppose it would be good for a high output MC, but indeed won't sound so hot w/ most MM's. I own the Arkiv, and it is a wonderfuls combo with the Linto. However...I am about to replace the Linto with a Pass X-Ono. The Arkiv + Linto combo has a bit too much gain for my Tact 2.2X, and a 10 DB drop would too I need a high quality unit w/ adjustable gain (sorry guys, I'm afraid my Linto is as good as sold to my local hi end dealer)