MLP with Arcam DV79 & Meridian 561M

Both Arcam DV79 player and Meridian 561M processor 'has' MLP(Meridian Lossess Packet).

What does it mean? It should mean something very great!

What does it mean interms of redbook CD playback, DVD playback, and DVD-A playback?

Meridian 561M doesn't have 5 channel input, but it has MLP, what does it mean?
What does it mean interms of redbook CD playback, DVD playback, and DVD-A playback?

Nothing, nothing, everything. It is a lossless compression method used only for DVD-A. Look up "Meridian Lossless Packing."

so with the Arcam DV79 and Meridian 561M, I can listen DVD-A?
Yes, but the Arcam DV79 is all that's needed to decode it. You need to use the (6) analog outputs from the Arcam to the Meridian for it as the Arcam will not output full DVD-A on the digital outputs.

The issue is that 561M doesn't have 5.1 analogue input.

That's what I'm wondering about MLP - I was thinking that since I have the MLP(Arcam) to MLP(Meridian 561), I should have something special ie. I can playback DVD-A without the 5.1 analogue input or better sound for CD or DVD video.

Also MLP is about lossless digital transmission, so if you say "the (6) analog outputs from the Arcam to the Meridian" then what's the MLP for?

I'm confused for now.
The MLP is only on the disc. The Arcam cannot output it and, in fact, Meridian's own players cannot either. The only way to get it out is with 6 analog connections and, if the Meridian 561 lacks such an input, you cannot do it with this combination.

The way the Meridian 561M can do this is with Meridian 596 or 800 DVD players using the proprietary MHR digital interconnections.

I was under the impression that MLP was a form of DD/DTS---empeg decoding scheme.---in the digital form.
No. MLP (you can look it up) is a lossless compression having nothing (in theory) to do with DD or DTS. So far as I know, it is used exclusively with DVD-A and mostly, but not exclusively, with multichannel DVD-A. Also, as with SACD, there are severe restrictions on its unencrypted digital output.

I own Meridian stuff and they were talking about the MLP 8 years ago------Long beore sacd/dvd-a.
They talked about MLP while others were talking about DVD-A and SACD. MLP became a real product as part of DVD-A.

Thanks Kal. I think I got it now.