ML390S remote MISSING

Does any of you own a spare remote for a ML390S - mine has gone missing.

What else can I do, as a new one is rather expensive, out of proportion IMHO.

thanks for your help?

Besides: I am currently running it in my studio along my new Wadia S7i, and it is still a great machine! Opinions?
Egidus, I have a 390S and live in the Midwest (MI). If you can't find the codes on-line to download to a learning remote, you can send one to me to try to program. My only concern is that there are some buttons on the remote that you have to hold down longer to perform a second function and am not sure how that gets programmed. For example, the button that turns on the unit and also dims the display when already on, if held down longer also powers off the unit. There are other multi-function buttons that perform dfferent actions when in program mode versus playing mode.
I have a ML 380 that likely uses the very same codes, at least for the pre functions, as your 390 does. The Harmony remote I use supports all the functions, including the standby function, perfectly. I no longer have a ML transport but I used to own one and the remote worked for the transport at that time as well. I feel fairly sure it still will.
so sorry for the late reply, was absent on tour - thank you, i will go for a harmony then.
thanks egidius