ML335 vs 336

whats the diffrence ?
is it only in the watts?
hello, I was told by many dealers and also buy Levinson that the only diffrence is power the sound is the same. But the 334 and 335 are diffrent the 334 doesnt sound as good as the 335. Also the one area where the 336 could sound better is if you have a speaker that is very difficult to drive you might find that the 336 is a little more dynamic sounding. I have seen dealers run the 39,000 wilsons a 335 and it sounded great. What is your surrounding gear? I use a 335 a 39 and Martin Logan ascents.
i listened to the 334 and i think that he very bouring.
the control on the bass its ok.
(i hava sonus faber extrema,ML no.26 preamp and BAT cd player)
i"d to know if the 335 or 336 sound better.
The 335 and 336 sound and look the same. The only difference is power, and I don't think you will ever need more power than the 335 supplies.
I played with both, and finally opted for the 336 really depends what you are driving, I did find I got better punch and lows compared to the 335