ML333 VS Concentra II

Recently my ML333 develope harming noise in one of the channel and this is not the first time after it service by the local agent. Everytime the service report shows replacement of capacitors, I am woundering what is the normal life span for a so call high quality capacitor inside the amp? Does anyone out there encounters similar experience with me or the capacitor leakage problems is common in all high power rating Class A amplifier. I am getting sick of moving the giant ML333 around and planning to downgrade it to JRDW Concentra II, is it wise move? I will be appriciate for any feedback or recommendation on good quality integrated amp. Good Listening!!
Many of the ML333's had a problem with the original caps. I believe Madrigal made a decision to replace the caps if they failed, with, I think, MIT caps, even after the warranty period. As you can see, I'm a little vague on the details, but I would contact Madrigal. Was the amp sent back to the factory for the cap replacement? Were the newer caps used?
Sorry I can't be precise, but, having owned an ML333, I recall this issue.
I had the same problem as well. I thought I had caused it as I had this amp on standby mode when I was changing one of the wall outlets to an audio grade one. I was too lazy and stupid so I didn't turn off the circuit first. I ended up tripping the circuit. Well, the amp started to hum on one side after I got everything hooked up.

I contacted Madrigal and they told me that I probably blew one of the caps. I sent the unit back for service under warranty, had to pay $120 to ship the beast to Madrigal, but they covered the return shipping. I guess they must have changed them to MIT caps. That was about 2 to 3 years ago, and I haven't had any problem with the amp since.

I cannot comment on the ML333 but recently made a decision to go with the JRDG Concentra II and I'm continually impressed by the Amp. You can safely say that its one of the best integrated amps on the market today and depending on your preferences could almost last a lifetime the way it is built!
only the case is built well on the concentra 2. The inside is made of mediocre components with a big no name power supply. Take the top off and have a look. Mine died in less than 3 months. The original concentra was beautifully built inside. The 2 is a joke. Take the top off and you will be shocked. Cost cutting everywhere. The money is put into the casework, not the electronics. It was an overpriced joke. If it was so great, why is it discontinued and replaced with nothing. Try listening to the new Mac pieces and you'll never listen to this overpriced junk again.
If you generally like the Levinson sound, just go with one of their newer amps. You might be disappointed in the bass of the Rowland... excessively warm and round. However, the mids/highs of the Concentra-II are quite musical. Or, just wait for the new release Rowland integrated amp.