ML331 recapping

First of all, I do love my ML331. BUT, it has started to add some distortion intermittently in the right channel (and it also drops the output by a few dB frequently). I'm thinking it's time to have it recapped.

Any idea of what capacitors I need and where I can find them?
The caps reside in each corner of the amplifier. The original caps are large and expensive, but a good option is to replace them with a matrix of smaller caps to the original value.
A matrix of smaller caps provides similar capacity, has a higher thermal and voltage rating and their response time is faster , your amp will sound better as well.
If your handy with a screw driver and a soldering iron you could do it yourself.
I owned a 331 years ago , this mod was done before I bought it.
If you need a knowledgeable shop to do it. Ex Madrigal
Harman employee.

another +1 vote for pyramid-audio. Let us know when/if you get the repairs completed- I would be interested in reading about your experience. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I had mine done at a local authorized dealer, that'll save you the shipping if you have one near by.
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