ML1 and WP7 combo

Just wanted to share my opinion on this combo. I've been using a pair of Airtight ATM211s to drive my WP7s but was never really convinced that the 23WPC 211s had what it takes to drive a sub 4 ohm load. They sounded good with piano solos and female vocals but a bit thin, compressed and rolled off on materials with strong orchestral passages. I contemplated on adding an active sub but was concerned with integration.

I tried a friend's Pass X600.5 and thought they were a good match until I tried a pair of Joule VZN100s. At this point, I realized what I was missing with tubed amplification. I'm now using a pair of the older model Lamm ML1s and I won't even attempt to describe the sound other than it's the best I've heard with WPs so far (based on 10+ years of WP ownership -- from 5.1s to 7s). The 80 WPC rating of these amps seems understated given the way they deliver bass...effortless seems to be an appropriate adjective.

You should see the grin on my face whenever these 6C33s glow. Happy camper here...wonder how much incremental improvement the ML1.1s have over these ML1s. They're a touch act to follow.