ML Summit with Pathos MKII?


I have found a very nice deal for a pair of used ML Summits. So far I had a sweet small room setup with a pair of Cremona Auditors and a Pathos Classic One MkII. My source is a Cary CDP-1.

I amthinking of switching my Cremonas for a pair of Summits since I have moved to a new house with bigger dimensions. Do you think that the Pathos will have enough juice to drive the Summits? The room dimentions are 21'x15'x8'. I am not listening to high levels and I do lots of listening at night.

Thanks a lot in advance!
When I just bought my Summit's, they played on a Sony integrated amplifier, and it sounded really good. And since I am sure that your Pathos is of a somewhat higher quality than my old (but very good) Sony, I think it would sound really good.
My room is not particularly large, and because of the adjustment facilities on the bass section, then a little acoustic damping probably would be the solution to that.;-)
But if you could hear it with your own ears first, it would be great.

Best regards.
The low impedance of the stat panels can be a challenge for a lower powered tube (or SS) amp. The Pathos will definitely be able to drive the Summits, though one might argue not ideally. I have a friend who drove his Summits for a while with a (similarly powered) Art Audio tube amp, and that combo sounded pretty sweet. A lot depends on your room size, acoustics, and listening levels. If you got a good deal on the Summits, I wouldn't pass it up.