ML Statements - Need help matching with best amps

I just scored a pair of ML Statements and want to drive them to the absolute best of their ability.

In this regard I need to biamp the stat and midrange towers and drive the bass stacks separately. A total then of 6 channels of monstrous amplification to be dealt out.

I was thinking of using ICE power on the bass stacks (which I will be running at 4 Ohms by the way). This will give me a nice clean and cool 1000 watts from either the Bel Canto or Rowland offerings.

For the towers I was considering two stereo amps as opposed to 4 monoblocks. I think that 4 giant monoblocks on my floor might be a bit OTT for my wife. I am considering class A power in this case and have heard the BAT VK-600SE's, The Plinius Statements, The various Krell and Levinson offerings and a few others but since home auditions seem to be a thing of the past here on Long Island I am making a blind decision based on evaluations made at CES and other shows (something that is lame at best)and advice from folks like yourselves.

My system:
ML Statements for front
ML Prodigy's at rear for surround
BAT REX Preamp
Anthem Statement D1 for Surround
Shanling CD-300 for Digital
Clearaudio Master Solution w/Master TQ-1 arm for analog
EAR 834P Phono Preamp
Denon 3900 for SACD/DVD-Audio
Playstation 3 for Blu Ray
JVC RS-2 Projector
JVC RS-VP2 Scaler
Three Rows of D-Box 300 Series Motion Seating

O.K. - lots more but that's a fair idea of where I am and now I'd love to hear what the experienced among your ranks think that I can do to invest in amperage. Budget is flexible up to about $30,000 for these front 6 channels.

The Bel canto ref 1000s are very good and are a fatter and wider sounding amps than the Jeff Rowland version.

You dont say which version of the martin logan statement you have. But if you wanted valves on the highs try the Audio Research Ref amps. The 210T would be very good.
bump. Anybody?
Sorry, They are the E2's

I like ARC a lot but I don't want to deal with the constant and expensive tube biasing and replacing. I want a pair of high current class A/AB stereo amps with a lot of headroom as these speakers can dip down to 2 Ohms.

Preferably a pair that sound sweet and "tubelike" in the mids and highs as the bass towers will be handled by the Bel Cantos in all likelihood.
Very nice electrostat.

I am not sure how much they are, but the MBL power amps may be sweet enough for you instead of using ARC.
Go the Fabio way.
I wish I could hear those monsters - my dream speakers.
Never the less...own them.