ML preamp with Pass Aleph amp ???

Hello everybody,

I'm wondering if some of you have had the opportunity to test a Mark Levinson preamp with a Pass Aleph amp ?

I own a Pass Aleph 0s amplifier, and I've been proposed with a ML380 preamp.
I imagine the two things don't go together because of too philosophy too many differences (the less components there are, better the sound is for Pass, that is not really the ML philosophy), but perhaps I'm wrong.

Has anyone had the opportunity to test such a strange association ?

Thanxs for your help,
Steve, for years my reference in my home system was a pair of monoblock Aleph 1's with a ML-32 preamp which sounded great together.

So, I believe the pieces you are asking about could offer a very good synergy together, the ML-380 is not quite on the same level as a ML-32, but should be close enough in its performance to get to what I heard with my pieces when I had them.
Thank you Teajay for your response.

I'm happy and very surprised to know that those so different two components work fine together : I couldn't imagine the warmth of Alephs will work with the coldness/austerity side of ML.

But sometimes, different things make a good set, so I'm happy to listen it is the case here.

Of course, the ML380 is not as good as the ML32 (and by far), and I even don't know if the ML380 is a good component compared with ML380S or ML320.

But it is the same sonic signature, so it probably has to be tested.....

Thanxs a lot for your advices,