ML ESL11A speaker placement

You guys were so helpful with my anti-skating problem that I am coming to you with another. My room ( 16' x 12' ) is lopsided. In other words with both speakers the same distance from my listening position the left speaker is further from the wall behind it by 5". Is this preferable to having them the same distance from the front wall? I have been compromising and am at a happy medium and satisfied with the sound. ( I guess this is the bottom line, trust my ears ) Nevertheless I would appreciate any experience/input. Thanks, Joe.
IMO that front wall depth disparity could possibly  improve sound since a really tough room geometrically has uniform dimensions (same length and width etc). Can you fill in the 5" and hear what that does to your sound? Might be a fun experiment. Our hobby is all about experimenting.
Think of the adjustment as a pair of binoculars.

Adjust to YOUR ears. Forget the techie "scientific" explanations.

It may look a little odd with one closer/further , no symmetry, but if it sounds good to your ears...go with it.