ML Dynamo 1000 vs REL 212 SE

I currently have dual ML Dynamo 1000 subs and am looking at switching out to dual REL 212 SE subs. These will be used for home theater and some 2 channel listening. How much better are they? Would they do well with SF Aida? (The No. 25 is just too big and I’m not trying to spend that much on subs along with an AIDA purchase). 

Current setup:
Pioneer Elite SCLX701
Mcintosh c2500
McIntosh mc1.2KW
Realistic Optimus Mach 3 (Will be adding SF Aida soon) 
Sonus Faber Vox
B&W CWM7.3
B&W CCM683
B&W 685S2
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Nah, get something from say Rythmik or similar.    Even REL’s No25 isn’t great for home theater, no deep bass (-6dB at 14Hz, even Rythmik’s cheapest sealed sub is -6dB at 12Hz).     I’ll give it that the REL looks sleek, but performance for $4000 is lacking. If you don’t mind the wait, Salk uses Rythmik kits and will do custom finishes, they even use thicker cabinets than what Rythmik uses, so even better performance.
First let me say that I have not heard either of the subs you're considering.  If your primary use is home theater, for what you're considering spending on the Rel subs you could have 3-4 great subs from Rythmik, SVS, or Power Sound Audio. Or just get two more subs and add them to the ones you have. 
Has anybody here used a pair of REL S3/S5 series for combined HT/Music system?