ML Descent-i vs. JL Audio F113


I have ML Spire speakers in my living room (vaulted 22" ceiling). I can't decide whether to go with a matching ML Descent-i sub or the JL Audio F113 sub?

I use my system as 80% HT and 20% stereo. Should I get 1 or 2 subs? I am leaning towards 1 since the Spire puts out a decent amount of low end already.

Thanks, TD
I'm running a single F112 with my ML CLS IIz and love it. My room is 2 channel only and the JL integrates well.

I haven't listen to the Descent-I, so can't comment on that one.
I'd get the Descent i. Great sub!
You hear alot more about JL being a statement sub then ML, come to think of it you dont hear much at all about their subs. Just sayin.
Martin Logan isnt known for subs, JL however is very well known and respected for bass applications.
If it were me I would go JL and never look back it seems to be obvious as to what company is the bass leader, and thats what your after right?
The ML descent is one of the top "audiophile" subs of all time, but either will easily do the job.