ML CDP vs Audionote DAC 3.1x signature + Transport

I was wondering if anyone prefered the sonics of a DAC+transport in this case the AN DAC 3.1x signature (with the silver foil caps)+ TEAC VRDS10 CDP used as transport over a used Mark Levinson 390 CDP or the other way round.

Has anyone done such a comparison? Which one would you go for and why? Also what would be an aproximate price diff between the two set ups
I've owned the 390S and listened extensively to AN stuff. I currently use 47Labs and I really prefer the flow and presentation via the "non-oversampling" "filterless" variety of DACS. The 390S is a great CDP, but there is something majic wiht the AN gear.
The Audio Note gear is very nice! I've not heard the ML digital gear myself, but from what I've read about their CDPs when researching them is that they will offer more detail. But the one time I demo'ed a ML amp/preamp if that's detailed then thanks but no thanks. The AN is highly musical and involving. But the better AN DACs aren't cheap. Ask your dealer about the 3.1x sig compared to the 4.1x. AN is also releasing a new transport sometime in the future. A prototype has been built but it's not in production yet.

However, the VRDS transport combined with an AN DAC should be pretty dang good.