ML Aerius I and Mcintosh


I just went from Klipsch 3.4 to Martin Logan Aerius speakers and ML's sound flat in highs and lows and no dynamics.
My system as fallows:
Mcintosh C-26 preamp
Mcintosh MC2105 amp
Acoustic Zen Satori cable
I didn't change power cables on ML's.

is there anything i can do to improve the sound ?
Moving from Klipsch to ML is a big change in sound.

I owned Klipsch LaScala's and ML ReQuest's at the same time and have a lot of time in front of both speakers. For dynamics the Klipsch are in another league than the logans. However, the highs were beautiful and airy and within 95-100 db the ReQuests were better to my ears. For lows the ReQuests needed power but could not match the impact and dynamics of Klipsch.

I do not know your mac gear but it should be fine for your aerius. I was very impressed when I first heard the aerius and that was my introduction to logans.

You just might not be a stat fan. Give them some time and DEFINITELY play with positioning, toe-in/out, and moving the logans closer together or farther apart. It can make quite a difference in sound.

If you listen to primarily rock you might be better served by a company like Klipsch.

Have Fun.
For best results, make sure the Aerius are at least 3feet out from the front wall and at least 3feet away from the side walls.
That is very uncharacteristic of the Aerius I's. There are two enemies of an electrostsatic speaker. One is dust and the other is humidity. Make sure that the speaker is totally free from dust and use it in a lower humidity environment. Don't forget that there are some pretty high voltages on the stator and dust and humidity does not mix well with high voltage.