ML 390s vs 39 Upgrade?

I'm not asking about the difference between the ML 39 and the 390s. What I am interested to know is whether there is any difference between an upgraded 39 to 390s and a new 390s? I ask because in the wanted section, a couple of users have posted wanteds for a 390s and have specifically requested a new 390s and not an upgraded 39 to 390s. Perhaps an upgraded 39 has less chance of being future upgradeable or is it just that warranty left on a 39 conversion is probably shorter given that the 39 has been out for much longer?

I actually am interested in one of these units. Not only do I love the sound but the design is awesome. Between it's industrial build, integrated volume control, digital inputs, sleek look, slim tray, and solid remote (have you seen the weight of this thing? - not a bad weapon to have should an intruder pop in while you were listening), I am lusting after it. The $6700 list is a bit steep though so I've been looking through the offer lists here for a good used one as well as parusing dealer sites for a good demo unit.

From what I understand when you upgrade like that your never really 100% there. I had the 39 not to long ago and it sounded great as it was.
My understanding is that as far as sound goes, an upgraded 39 should equal a new 390S - the difference is simply cosmetic: you don't get a new faceplate unless you pay up another (outrageous) $1500 if I recall correctly. The people looking for a "non-upgraded" model want the face plate so that they can pose in front of their cognoscenti friends :-) If your after sound it should not matter - give Levinson tech support a call if you want to be sure, they are really helpful.

I happen to own a 390S which I bought recently. I managed to get a new one discounted by 20% - it is possible. Be aware that Levinson don't allow their dealers to sell out of area - which can make buying a demo unit difficult - if that happens to you phone Levinson and complain like hell. [It's the one thing about the brand I dislike - I almost bought Wadia because of that!]

Also, if I recall correctly, Levinson products bought after Jan 1st 2003 do NOT have a transferable warranty. So, that might also factor into how (used/new/demo) and where (dealer/audiogon) and what (how old?) you buy...

That said, if you can do without the looks the Resolution Audio is a good deal cheaper and very highly respected. I might have gone with Camelot too as I had/have a good transport to hand.


Interesting point about the transferable warranty. The manual for the new 431 and 432 amplifiers states in the warranty section: "The balance of the waranty is transferable only if the used product is purchased from an authorized dealer." Since I travel a bit, I have the luxury of visiting multiple dealers. So, I can price shop and also avoid sales tax by having them ship the product to me back home. I've been offered a 20% discount so far but am looking for closer to 30% to seal the deal. So, i was looking for a used or demo unit to get a better deal. I've only come across one delaer so far who had a demo 390s and he was only offering 20% on it.