ML 39 vs 390s

I just brought home a ML 431 amp that replaced a 383 integrated. Since I did not have a pre-amp handy, I just ran a balanced signal from the 39 (after I switched it over to variable output) to the 431 (with single ended from the 39 to a subwoofer)...sounds great.

So, now I am wondering if I should move up to a 390s...


The 390S is a nice noticable improvement over the 39. A fuller richer sound that is even closer to great analog. A 390S straight into the 431, would make for a great sounding 2-box system. I'd go for it!
I agree with I stand by my post on this earlier thread:

Thanks for the link to the previous post...I did a search on this and did not find that for some reason...

I am now convinced.