ML 33h vs 33 vs A-50V on Mbl 101E

Hello Audiogoners,
I am interested in a comparison between the Mark Levinson ML 33h vs the ML 33 vs Accuphase A-50V (bridged in mono mode) to power a pair of mbl 101E loudspeakers. I don't listen too loud (usually 75db, 85db at times but never above 95db) but control is important (all the above amps have beefy specs so seems they will all be fine). I am more interested in sound quality, so if you could rank these three amplifiers on a scale of 1 to 10 (1-being poor, 10-being outstanding), on the following attributes;
1. Transparency
2. Detail
3. Musicality
4. Mid bass power
5. Overall presentation up to 50-w per channel (remember, I don't listen loud)
6. Stage depth
The first three attributes are the most important to me. My room is roughly 22'X29'X10'. System is Mbl preamp and front ends and 20-amp dedicated circuits for the amps and pre. Please remember that the comparison is in powering the mbl 101E. Direct experiences are most highly regarded, individual experiences will be considered. Thank you all in advance for your reply.

I would look for an MBL amp, that will give you the best sound for your speakers.  
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Thanks Stereo5 for your response, but the question in the post was specific, not open-ended. I did not ask for any amp recommendation. You may want to read the post thoroughly again. At any rate, your recommendation is inaccurate (ask some 101e owners). Cheers
I've heard the ML33 and the 33h, but not on MBL's unfortunately.  The 33 was significantly better to my ears.  Truly effortless.

I don't have experience with the A-50V but if it boils down to the 33 and the 33h - go with the 33's.

The numbers below are from memory but I know both of these amps pretty well.


1. Transparency - 9/7
2. Detail - 9/8 (both very good)
3. Musicality - 10/8
4. Mid bass power - 9/7
5. Overall presentation up to 50-w per channel (remember, I don't listen loud) - 10/8
6. Stage depth - 10/8

Good luck with your decision.

Thanks a lot hk_fan. Your linear reply helps me a lot. How i wish you have experience with the A-50V too. But I certainly appreciate your response and time. Nice
I've heard the ML33 and the 33h, but not on MBL's unfortunately

SO hk_fan what loudspeakers did you hear the ML 33 or 33h with?
I haven't heard either of the ML 33 or the 33H, hence my need of feedback from people with experience with both. What are the real sonic difference between both?
I also thought that because I will power the subwoofer with separately, I may not need the extra power of the ML 33 over the ML 33H, but the melon (football like mid bass driver) is the real magic in the mbl 101, IMHO. But I am not sure if the bass control that the ML 33 has over the ML 33H is applicable to the melon (mid bass driver). Do you happen to know the answer to that last concern? Your response to this, and the previous post, will be greatly appreciated hk_fan.
The 33 is just better in every way than the 33h from my recollection. I think you'd be smitten with either, but if you're considering the two and budget isn't a concern, then go with the 33's otherwise you will always be wondering...
Thanks a lot for the reply and follow up. Point and advise taken. You are a good audiogoner. Many thanks. Enjoy the rest of the year
Why thank you, I appreciate that.  Hope your holidays are great too.  Enjoy your new amp(s), whatever you decide to go with.

*cough* 33's *cough*
I have heard them with the 100 wpc musical fidelity refrigerator sized tour de force amp..... absolutely stunning
CJ preamp
WADIA transport and DAC
ni longer made
wishing I had bought the smaller AMS-50 at that time

Sorry tormix601, you lost me there. What are you saying/referring to in your post? Kindly clarify. Thanks for posting
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