ML 335 vs Plinius SB301

Could you help compare these 2 amp? Which one can handle more difficult load? Which is suitable for Jazz/Vocal music?
Are they in the same league?
Suggest you look at a Plinius SA-102 or 103, rather than the 301 that only runs in class AB. I owned the SA-102 for several years. It runs in class A, which is what gives it a superior sound to it's competitors that run in class AB. It was the best ss amp I've ever owned and bettered my other ss amps from BAT, Forte, Simaudio & YBA by a large margin. Also think you should consider Pass XA30.5, also runs in class A.
Thanks Pdreher. For SA-102 or SA-103, once it's bridged as mono, it works as class AB right? Does it mean distortion will be increased too? When it is operated in class A, is it powerful enough to handle difficult load?

I own No.335, and I am not sure if SB-301 is a good upgrade or not. When I upgraded from 332, it's a huge improvement to me though.

For pure class A, I'd love to try those one day.
When it is bridged for mono operation it will operate in class A or class AB just like in stereo mode selectable by switch in front. Theoratically in mono mode all common mode noise should be rejected because it operates in differential mode.