ML 335 vrs ML 336

Need your best thoughts on possibly upgrading to a Levinson 336. presently have a 335. Wadia 860x up front playing through KEF Ref 3/2's . After upgrading from my old 331 there was a very noticeable improvement. Bass, especialy,seemed drop half an octave. Would I get a "worthwhile" or justafiable pop with a 336, or am I pretty much "Amped out" for this system ?(TaraLabs The One throughout and ded.20a lines)Thank you in advance for your advice. Jimbo
I own a 335, and I doubt the move to a 336 will provide
a significant improvement. They are supposedly similar
in sound, with just greater output for the 336. It means
going from 250 W/Chan to 350 W/Chan @ 8 ohms. Thats only
about a 2dB increase. Unless you listen at earsplitting
levels, it probably won't matter, and you can do better
putting the money elsewhere.
I second Jvogt's opinion.

I initially had a 335 in my place and then brought in a 336, believe it or not, there was a difference in dynamics. The 336 allowed my Wilsons to open up a bit more. I also found that the sound was much fuller at low volumes..

Just my opinion...Matt
Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. Matt,your note confirmined my suspicion re the difference between the amps.The much larger power supply in the 336 must play a big role in what you experienced. My goal is to simply allow my little KEF's(which are keepers)to sound their best.