ML-335, NHT 2.9, what speaker cable?

Hi, I am about to receive my Mark Levinson 335 which will be connected to my NHT 2.9 speakers. Listen to all kinds of music. Looking for a reasonably priced, 15 foot long set of speaker cables. I like to be able to hear as much of the detail in the music as possible. Listen exclusively to Super Audio CD and regular CD on this system. I am considering Straight Wire Maestro I for this system, does anyone have any suggestions for other cables that might perform better? I am not really willing to spend more than about $750 on the cables. Niels.
I use Harmonic Tech pro-nine bi wire between a Classe ca 200 and NHT 2.9's. Very good detail but not too bright. Don't know how they would sound with Levinson. I am selling a 14 foot pair for $550 and looking to buy a 6 or 8 foot pair due to to room changes.
Try DH Labs T-14 double run. Ive got'em from my Acurus A200 to NHT 2.5is and the sound is wonderful! Good Luck, Ricky