ML 335 and DCS delius

Hi, I have a dcs delius driving directly my ML 335. Whenever the dcs activates a relay (for example muting or changing filters), there is a clear "CHSK" in the speakers. I have tried changing transports, earthing arrangements and so on. I then called Levinson who said the 334 335 336 series do not have input capacitors as levinson thought it affected the sound. Could it be the "CHASK" is normal in such a situation?
It is probably a normal consequence of the circuit Madrigal chose to employ, however, I would not suggest allowing this spike/signal to reach your speakers. This may mean turning the amp off or never asking the DCS to perform a function which cause this. Another solution would be to design a neat and simple (and cheap) circuit employing a capacitor to block the unwanted DC. DC is what is probably being interjected into your system.

What cables do you run? Network boxes?