Mk-IV Platter on a HW-19 JR Table?

Hi all, I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but I would like to know if the VPI MK-IV Platter, and Mk-IV Bearing fits the Plinth of a HW-19JR Turntable? (Upgrade)

If not, what must I do? Will I need a new Plinth from VPI? Or? All advice is deeply appreciated, thank you, Mark D'Ambrosio
It sure does.
I have a jr which I upgraded with the Mk 4 platter and bearing, and plinth works without any changes. I was talking with VPI about a plinth upgrade, and they suggested using something like Corian (sp) kitchen counter ocovering in it's place. Just take the current plinth to a kitchen cabinet shop, get a piece in a colour you like, in the same thickness or more, and have it drilled using the old plinth as a template. I plan on doing it soon...they said it should work well . Can't recall the guy I spoke with, but he's the tech I usually get when calling for info
Dear Mark: I'm sorry but the best you can do is to ask directly to VPI.

I can't understand why you ask here when you can go DIRECTLY to the manufacturer or you can't trust them?. Who can knows better than the designer/builder?????????

Regards and enjoy the music.
It should fit fine, the only difference would be the height of the platter. You may need to raise your armboard if there's not enough adjustment in your arm heaight - but it should be OK all 'round.

Brrgrr: I have a Corian plinth for my custom VPI, using a Mk III platter and the stand alone Aries motor. I had it made by Larry at Hollywood Sound down in Florida. You will need to bond 2 or more pieces of Corian together. A 1/2" plinth is not sufficient (mine is 1" thick). There are plenty of kitchen countertop guys around that may have sink cutouts laying about. The only tricky part is the precise drilling of the holes for the bearing and the arm and the motor cutout. Looks very nice and is far denser than MDF.

The stock steel bonded to acrylic plinth is far superior to corian.
Hello all,
Yes, you are right, that calling

VPI, and getting the dope straight from the horses mouth is usually best.

Since it was after hours, and I needed to sort of make a snap decision on buying this platter from a Agoner I thought I'd ask you fine people, and I do deeply appreciate the quick responses to my question, thank you all.

Yes, I have also thought about too, the needed increase in height that I'll have to raise my AQ PT-8 Arm, in order to stay in the same ballpark as before.

No doubt, the actual, exact increase in height from Plinth's Surface to the top surface of the new platter will be exactly how much I'll need to raise the arm to retain the same exact VTA as before the mod.

I'm unsure how the MK-IV Bearing well is, but I'm thinking it may be similar to the Jr's well, in that one can slightly adjust VTA at the very bottom of the Bearing well with the Adjustable Threaded Plug in it?

I'll ask the owner of the MK-IV Platter if he can shed some info about this. (I haven't gotten yet)

Thanks all again, and very interesting about the different materials one could use as a Plinth for the 19 series. How about 1" thick Black Italian Marble? :-) Mark
Reb1208, I'm curious if you have compared the steel/acrylic to a corion plinth? And could one use simply a black marble slab, if one could get it drilled?