Ok, so my volume control on my 2270 is jacked! Had it professionally cleaned twice and it will not stop losing contact. Does anyone know where I might be able to score one? If you have one for sale, please let me know by e-mail, and let me know the price.


Mike / St. Louis, MO.
Look for a parts unit or check ebay for someone parting one out.
I have a Marantz 1060 amp cannibalized out in the barn that may have a volume control still on it. The manual states it is part number RM0254021, a variable 250K ohm resistor. I also have the service manual for the Marantz 2230, which states it uses the same part. It may be possible that the 2270 uses the same part. I'll have to check tomorrow it the volume control is still intact. I'll let you have it if it looks like it's good. I'll be in touch.
Before removing your volume pot try cleaning it with WD-40.
The 1060 I have still has the variable resistor. Let me know if it's needed.

I just got a 1060 with a bad right channel.  Do you still have yours?  could I acquire it for parts?