MJ Acoustics Subwoffers-Any opinions?

Anyone have any experience with these subs. There appears to be limited distribution in the US but they look like something to consider for a smaller sub that is more musical and not third world sourced
I own the MJ Acoustics 150 MK2 sub, which I use along with Merlin TSM MXr's.

The story I was told was that the people running MJ were originally with REL, so the subs are sonically quite close. According to my friend, who owns REL, my MJ Sub is faster than his Stratta III (he thinks it's faster and goes deeper), but I find them very close.
The MJ 150 claims output down to 13hz!!! Hmmmm, from a 10" sub? Not likely with any real volume, but I do find it goes almost impossibly low for it's size. It's a good match for Magnepans as well.
The 150 features digital readouts and a very precise and detailed system for settings. It also has a RF remote. I'd thought this to be silly at first, but now I understand that being able to EXACTLY dial in a sub from a listening position. You can also set presets for different types of music (4), which is also a feature I've come to use much more than I expected.
Built quality is very good, which it should be at this price point. For the size these are expensive subs. I use mine for music only. (SVS is what I have for the theater room), though it can work for HT in smaller rooms. The MJ are clearly aimed at audiophile 2 channel more than HT.


I'll go along with Rob on his comments about the subs. I have a couple (2) MK200s with Wilson Benesch Arcs and they do blend in very good. The remote is a plus when you want to change the presets for different types of music. If you do go for the MJs, I'd suggest upgrading the speaker (Rel) type cable and getting some nice brass bear paw footers.

Thanks everyone. My room is only 13 x 13 (8 feet high) so i was thinking the smallest model MJ 50 but it does not have the remote, a feature which attracted me to mj in the first place. Wonder if the 150 or 200 would be too much for the room
I have owned a MJ Reference 100 mk II sub for a few years, and found it to be a well built, nice looking, good sounding sub. The quoted low frequency response of 13hz is rather insane, for I am guessing it was flat to about 30hz. It did not have a very powerful amp section, and ran out of steam with moderately powerful bass passages in my small room. The thing I did not like about it the most was the fact that the LED readout was located on the back of the subwoofer, making it impossible to see from the listening area unless I turned the sub around with all the wires and controls facing the listening area. I have since sold it and purchased a Velodyne Optimum 8 for around $500 used, which has a much stronger amp, gets down deeper, and has a digital room correction feature with a microphone that works surprisingly well. Both subs have good quality, uncolored, musical bass, and blend well with with my De Capo monitors.
Go for the 150 Mk II. I agree wholeheartedly with Rob, especially in the ability to set the sub from the listening position and saving the settings.