MJ Acoustics Ref150II Subwoofer

Don't know much about these subwoofers other than the owners used to be REL guys. I need a sub for HT and music, about 70/30 ratio. Is $700 a good price for this sub? It has less than 10 hours on it. What is the retail price on this sub new in $US/CDN, can't find anything on it? Help me if you can. Thanks in advance.
You will find info and specs. for the Ref. 150 Mk II sub on the MJ Acoustics website. The 150 Mk II is almost identical to the Ref, 100 Mk II that I use to have, but with a bit more power. Beautiful wood cabinets, great build quality, and sounds great for music at sane levels.
There are more powerful subs out there for home theater, that get deeper and just as solid and un-colored. The MJ's have remote controls that help with set-up, but the digital display is on the rear of the sub, and can't be seen from your listening position unless the sub and all it's wires and controls are facing the listening position.
They also do not come with a microphone and digital parametric equalizer like my current Velodyne Optimum 8 I have upgraded to. The Velodyne I have now sounds just as uncolored as the MJ and has a front digital display and remote control, but gets down lower and with much more control. They can be had for a few hundred dollars less, and are attractive with a well thought out design.