MJ Acoustics Pro-50, Ref-100 or Velodyne DD-10 ?

I'm considering a pair of subs from one of these three models in particular.

The Velodyne DD-10 looks promising, but so does the MJ Acoustics Pro-50 & Ref-100.

According to the MJ website a lot of folks are nuts about the Pro-50 esp. & the Ref. 100 (same sub, only more gutsy)
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I heard the MJ subs at a UK show recently and was very impressed, their room was very close to REL and I prefered the MJ, though of course there are too many variables to judge properly in a show setting. The Ref series seem the ones to go for and the new reference 200 they were demoing was very impressive for its small dimensions
I have a MJ Acoustics Ref-100 and it makes more floor standing Dynaudios and my Dynaudio Monitors sound bigger, as if they came with 10 inch fast incredibly musical accurate and meaty woofers. Not a home theater sub but could do that in a pinch. I bought and sold many others before settling on this sub. You cannot miss. This sub is all about musical integration. I won't listen to my speakers without it.