Miyajima Zero hum?

Anyone get a hum when using this mono cartridge through a stereo preamp? Some years back there was a thread about hum with the Miyajima Premium mono (https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/ground-loop-with-miyajima-premium-mono?highlight=miyajima%20m...). At the time, the distributor's recommended fix was to connect only one of the cartridge's channel outputs, and then use a mono switch on the preamp (if it had one) to get sound from both channels. Either that or get a y-connector. I thought these unattractive solutions.

Now, I'm thinking about picking up a Zero, but I'm wondering whether it's subject to the same hum issues. If so, it would be a deal-breaker for me, as I have no mono switch and don't want to use a y-connector or mono SUT.

The prior thread suggested that the hum was preamp dependent so if you can get a miyajima on loan to try it out you could see if the hum arose in your setup. Hate for you to miss out on this cartridge. It smoked the Lyra that I was using before 
I match my Miyajima Zero with a SME V tonearm and Cary Audio phono amp, and it's dead quiet. I have had low hum problems, but either changed out the cable or phono amp. I have used a PS Audio phono amp with great success as well. 
I sold my Miyajima BE mono because of the hum. Switched to a more expensive Lyra Kleos mono and the hum has gone. The Lyra has a different coil configuration that sums the signal in the cart(I think !). 

I just matched my Miyajima Zero with a Graham 2.2 ceramic Tonearm and Soundsmith MCP-2 phono amp, and it's as quiet as a mouse. Absolutely black background. I always felt a solid state phono amp would work better with this cartridge. 

This is an interesting question, because the Miyajima Zero is one of the best mono cartridges out there, and, so far as I know, it was designed from the ground up to be a mono cartridge.  Thus, unlike many "mono" cartridges on the market, which are actually stereo cartridges where the two channels were internally strapped, the Zero is not capable of producing signal (i.e., noise) in response to vertical movement of the stylus tip.  It is of interest that Folkfreak cured the hum problem by using the "mono" mode switch on his preamplifier.  Has anyone else had this problem, and was it thus cured?  What is it about the various phono stages used by those who have commented that produces hum in some cases and no hum in other cases, presumably without engaging mono mode?  Thanks to anyone who can help fill in these knowledge gaps.