Mixing Transparent Cables

I currently have Transparent Reference XL Gen 5 throughout my system and just thought about upgrading the speaker cables only to Transparrent Opus Gen 6. Any thoughts or advice on this? I am very happy with my system, however, always looking to upgrade something if it makes sense. 

Audio Research Ref 10 Line Stage, Audio Research Ref 10 Phono, DCS Vivaldi Stack, Aurender W20, VPI Titan Turntable, D"Agostino M400 Monoblocks, Wilson Alexx V's. 



You have great cables now, why upgrade? May notice improvement, but likely not any. I'd save up for a much more significant improvement, but that's just me.

I would get rid of any cables with boxes on them in favor of some that don't, you might just realize a whole new world! 



Matt M



Prior to the GEN5 series, did you own the MM2 series ?

I would be interested in reading your impressions/thoughts.  Can you cite your local TA dealer/retailer as well ?  Feel free to PM me if neccessary.


Happy Listening!

I have Transparent ultra Gen 5 interconnects and cables throughout my system. I think this should be a great upgrade. Upgrades with Transparent tend to be substantial. Also, you should get a trial with your dealer. Your have equipment worthy of the upgrade.


Given your equipment, I would recommend you pose the question to the audio aficionado forum. Your system will fit in well with the typical system there and folks with similar systems can comment.