Mixing silver IC with silver/copper speaker cable?

Looking for real world experience and good advise...

Do you lose the benefits of a good silver IC if you have silver & copper speaker cable? In my system, I could be running into this situation where between my cdp and preamp I have Pursang IC (silver), between my preamp and amp I have Poiema IC (silver) and from my amp to speakers I have VooDoo Reference (silver & copper). Is this preventing me from realizing the maximum potential of using proven silver IC's because of my silver & copper speaker cable? Would there be a significant gain in going to a all silver speaker cable?

My main concern is that my system can tend to be bright because I'm using Klipsch Legend series speaker that have horns.

I don't think its a silver/copper question its more of trying it to see how they gell together.You never really know.I use Poiema myself and can say they are by no means bright.There are no set rules for matching cables it really a crap shoot. I really don't think you can say either way if you'll do better by going all silver.Its like many people run s/state amps with tube pre-amps..Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...
I pretty much agree with Thorman. I've tried all copper, all silver and currently run a mix of both.

Whether or not an all silver configuration will sound too bright depends on your equipment, the cables you choose and your ears. It's difficult to predict and takes experimentation to find out.

For a few years I tried a mish mash of different cables with unsatisfactory results. What helped me zero in on a sound I liked was doing a lot of research, then buying a complete set of cables from one manufacturer, then doing further tweaking. Buying all from one manufacturer may not be necessary, but I feel I chose a company that fit my taste well and it allowed me to create a "base" from which I could further refine.

Since arriving at my current set up over a year ago I've auditioned other cables, but this configuration endures.
I too run a combination of both, in my case copper IC and silver speaker. It's a great combination IMO.

I do NOT believe in the theory that your system is only as good or as resolving as its weakest link. I believe that EVERY piece in your and my audio system decreases resolution and adds junk, we hope in very small amounts per piece. But that doesn't mean that improving one piece of the system can't improve the system's resolution and overall quality. Select and buy the best and most-NEUTRAL pieces you can afford for EACH position, and soon you'll have a GREAT-sounding system.
I use Ridge Street MSE interconnects with military surplus, silver plated copper signal transfer wire (Teflon insulated) with excellent results. My speakers are mini monitors with ribbon tweeters & Bybee filters.