Mixing rca interconnect cables

Hi everybody,

I will be upgrading my interconnects in the near future. I want to buy three Audioquest Water interconnects for the front left, centre and front right speakers. I want to know if I buy say Audioquest Yukon interconnects for the surrounds would I be compromising the sound at all by using different lines of interconnects? Water has DBS and Yukon does not. My dealer says that it wont make a difference cause they are the surround speakers. Does anyone have this type of setup where you use higher quality interconnects for the fronts and a lesser quality for the surrounds but being the same brand of cable? Thanks in advance all. Appreciate the feedback.

i agree with your dealer-

i use PAD neptune across the front and for power cords across all front monos and processor.

for rears I use bottom of the range tara lab and STOCK black power cord on stereo amp for the rearsĀ 
I use lesser quality, same brand, for my surround channels...no issues in 12 years of this...maybe if I had better surround speakers and had them set up perfectly it would matter...