Mixing rca interconnect cables

Hi everybody,

I will be upgrading my interconnects in the near future. I want to buy three Audioquest Water interconnects for the front left, centre and front right speakers. I want to know if I buy say Audioquest Yukon interconnects for the surrounds would I be compromising the sound at all by using different lines of interconnects? Water has DBS and Yukon does not. My dealer says that it wont make a difference cause they are the surround speakers. Does anyone have this type of setup where you use higher quality interconnects for the fronts and a lesser quality for the surrounds but being the same brand of cable? Thanks in advance all. Appreciate the feedback.

i agree with your dealer-

i use PAD neptune across the front and for power cords across all front monos and processor.

for rears I use bottom of the range tara lab and STOCK black power cord on stereo amp for the rears 
Read my thread something good happened when you don't expect it.
I use lesser quality, same brand, for my surround channels...no issues in 12 years of this...maybe if I had better surround speakers and had them set up perfectly it would matter...
Hi jl35..my surrounds are a high quality bookshelf speaker on stands. I have them bi-wired as well to match the front speakers. I have AQ-King Cobra interconnects all around right now running a 5.2 system but I do want to upgrade to AQ Water interconnects as stated earlier and do the Yukons for my 2 surround channels and when I get the chance also use them for my 2 back surround channels.

pweg- thanks for your comment. I’m running both 5 and 2 channel amps. I ugraded the power cords on all my power amps, pre/pro, blu ray player, Apple tv, and computer not long ago.

jayctoy-  I’m not sure what you mean there. Can you clarify please and thanks.

If you're working with a dealer, borrow a few pair 
I'll see if he will allow me to borrow a couple to take home and try out. I was unsuccessful last time. He didnt really respond to it when I asked via email. Thank jl35
Good luck 
If not, then I'll will need to read more comments and thoughts about using various cables of the same brand different tiers. thanks jl35.
@2007audioman - it really depends on how discerning you ears and brain are

First - can your ears tell the difference

Second, can your brain differentiate quality levels between
- the sounds coming from the surround from the sound vs.
- the sound coming from the mains + center

We all have different hearing
- mine makes it impossible for my brain to isolate a conversation in a crowded room - so being it the middle of surround sound makes discerning audio quality impossible
- others I know can isolate a conversation on the far side of a crowded restaurant, so they might be able to discern the difference between IC’s

Personally, I found that all those channels disrupted my hearing ability - so I skimped on the surround side of the system and on the IC’s - I have now downgraded the surround to 2 channel sound and find I enjoy it even more - but that's just me

But alone with my 2-channel system is a whole other story - I am able to discern the slightest difference in performance.

Hope that helps - Steve
Auidioman the reason reason why I want you to read my thread because sometimes, until you connect them, you will never know., cables are system dependent....I agree with Steve me too I used center n the main channel, but that's me...I don't watch movie that much....
Hi jayctoy..do you have a link to your threadI can read?

williewonka- did you at one time buy all high end interconnects for your system home theater setup? Is that what I gather from a portion of your post? 
@2007audioman - all of the IC's were good quality - Van den Hul DL102 mkIII with Furutech RCA's and wired in a floating shield configuration.


I replaced the Surround IC's with DH Labs Silver Sonic with the same Furutech RCA's and found there was no discernible difference

Perhaps the IC's were not of the same caliber as the Audioquest models you listed, but I could not hear any downside by using the DH Labs

Hope that helps
I forgot to mention that I also listen to multi channel music as well. SACD, DVD-A, DTS, blu ray audio discs. Is the same principle still applicable as well? 

@williewonka - thanks for sharing your experience. Multi channel music sound good as well?
Rear speakers more important for music than movies. Are they identical to front speakers?
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@jl35 - yes but its a bookshelf speaker with the same design concept. Tweeter on the top of the cabinet.
@2007audioman - I have listened to several DVD's and the well produced ones, like "Hotel Califonia" sound really good. But from a details perspective, they pale in comparison to my 2-channel system.

I feel more "real life" from 2 channel - whereas I find many DVD's  appear to be "engineered".

My a/v experience was prior to SACD and DVD-A, so my opinion could change hearing those on a good multi-channel system

Also, I think it's just a matter of an individual's hearing - e.g. I cannot focus on a conversation in a crowded room. so for me, surround systems tend to sound muddled - 2 channel allows me to focus on the details.

Regards - Steve

Odd that a dealer won't loan cables knowing you will buy the pair you like best...contact Cable Company...
@jl35 - I can try and ask him but I am going to be getting XLR cables for this upgrade. Thats really all I can do on my end. I am hoping he can accomodate as I have established a solid relationship with them and purchased all my gear with them.

@williewonka - Thanks for your response. I enjoy the Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon SACD. Also Doors- LA Woman DVD-A, Metalica- Black album- DVD-A as they have some really excellent surround pans from front to back. My hearing is ok for now and I can hear the small details in the music and movies. Appreciate you sharing your experiences williewonka.