mixing power cords?

My system only has 3 pcs, currently 2 AQ NRG2s and an MIT Zcord II going to my SimAudio Equinox. I'm not satisfied with the NRG2s, especially powering my Krell KAV400xi integrated - I ordered a Cardas Golden Ref. powercord for it, and need a third to plug my power conditioner (PS audio duet) into the wall (PS audio PowerPort). will using a mish-mash of well-reviewed powercables be detrimental? should I seek uniformity? Any suggestions for a third cable (price range $250 - $300 used)?
I use a mishmash myself, Oyaide, Gutwire and PS Audio. I bought 2 previous generation PS Statement PCs from Hong Kong for about $200 each. I have heard about counterfeits but they certainly look genuine, ground plug unscrews, logo accurate etc. I use them with my BPT boxes. I would not worry about using different ones, tests I have seen indicate that different ones are better in different applications anyway.
uniformity from a single manufacturer will almost always give better results in my experience.I used to mix and match before,but once you have tried fr single manufacturers ;you will never go back
Add different ingredients to achieve a better mix.

Even if you use all one brand, you probably won't be using the same model all over.

I use a Python VX to feed my Duet which supplies my mid fi & rotating gear. I use an Elrod Sig III to feed my Haley which in turn gives juice to a PC, multi ch amp and DAC.

I like Voodoo, Elrod, and shunyata in no real order. The Taipan Helix works best IMO on tube gear, the VX needs to be on rotating stuff or overtly bright sounding things. The Elrod I think I like the best but the Voodoo I have the most of and they are a good value & performing cable.

A bit mo' info on what you are seeking to achieve with this addition would be more helpful.

I guess I want to add a variety of elements - I'm happy with the detail I'm getting from the Equinox/Z-cord II, but sometimes I feel like the system could use more musicality, which is why I ordered the Cardas GR powercord. From a third cord (either between the duet and the wall or between the duet and the KAV400xi - going to experiment), I guess I'd like detailed treble and some speed. I don't really have a problem with bass.
So in summation, I'd like an improvement in detail/clarity of treble and in musicality. Is it too much to ask for? What about the Audience PowerChord ? I've heard good things about it as an all-round detailed/fast cord.
All of my audio equipment is powered by Shunyata Power cords which in turn are plugged into Shunyata power conditioners.

For what you seek, try a Taipan Helix Alpha... somewhere.

Audience was the first pc I tried. Ho hum. one of those 'better than nuttin'' IMHO. The II which is now out might be better. I don't know. I've no reason to go back and look.
I commend you for that money the Harmonic Technology Fantasy, in my opinion rivals powercords u $ s 1000, and costs half, I use on may Pre Krell KBL on my dual mono.

For me it`s no doubt; diy shielded solid core pc`s gives no loss or distortion unlike other fancy solutions.