mixing old and new components

first off, I'm a novice when it comes to high end stereo equipment. My current 'system' is a combination of new components and my father's cast-offs. I have a Yamaha RX950, a Rotel RCD 1070 and B&W CDM7nt speakers now.

I just inherited his entire system which includes Aerial 10T speakers, an Audio Research line stage amp (LS10), a Creek DA-60 and CD-60 and 2 McCormack DNA-1s.

Is it recommended to mix old and new, such as using the B&W speakers with the inherited components listed immediately above?
Yes, try what you have to come up with the most satisfying system.

Most would not believe how many people have more current electronics driving 20+ year old Dahlquists...and how many 20+ year old Marantz electronics are sounding great with current high-end speakers.
Vrathke- go ahead, but first try those Aerial 10Ts with the
ARC/McCormack combo. Should sound pretty darn good for 2 channel.
Go ahead. One system of mine has a 2002 model amplifier being fed by a preamp that was first sold in 1985. It has a 1972 vintage turntable with a 2001 vintage phono cartridge. The CD source is 2000 vintage; the FM tuner is 1978 vintage. Finally, the speakers were first sold in 1994-95 (also B&W's).

Now the cables are all recent vintage (interconnects, speaker, and power). Cable technology has come a long way in recent years.
Absolutely! Whatever combination sounds best to you is what is best.