Mixing Linn and Rotel products

hi, this is the deal i have a linn pretek preamp and pwr and tukan speakers.. my pwr amp has took a crap and i dont have much money,will buying a used ROTEL pwr amp SUIT my rig for the time being until i get serious money to upgrade? thankyou julian
Linn and Rotel are such disparaging brand match up. Rotel are supposedly known for their warmth, but I did hear of a thread complaining about its reliability. Linn, such transparent gear. Have you looked into getting a used Linn amp? Regardless of the amount of money that you will save, it might be more feasible to spend the money from the beginning to last you for a while longer. Unless you have just $200 or something, by the case which you might to be forced to spend the money in some really beat up gear. Remember, no Carver amps
I agree with Bem. Since you have Linn pre and Linn Tukans, you should go with Linn amp. LK100 amps regularly go here on Audiogon for ~ $350.