Mixing b&w 703 with cdm 9nt and cdm cnt

I was wondering if having a pair of 703's and a pair of cdm 9nt's with a cdm center speaker would sound similar together or clash. Any input would be helpful.
I'm suspecting you are going to run the NTs as fronts and the 700s as rears in a multi ch arrangement?

The NT sereies across the front where I believe it matters more so, should be fine enough a setup sonically. rears really are lesser a concern.... especially if a HT receiever is being used, as it has tone controls usually.

I'd suspect very little adjustments would be needed for the 700s if that's the case.
I use a cdm nt-center in my system. Originally I had cdm 1 se fronts and rears-that sounded great-I upgraded the fronts to merlin tsm's which sounded even better.I listening mostly to 2 channel-but the family likes the home theater sound with movies and this system delivers-I use a velodyne for lows-I do not think mixing what you have would be a problem.