mixing and matching.....

I might be opening a can of worms on this one but with literally hundreds of posts on cables I can't resist. How many of us have a mixed bag of IC + PC cable mfrs on our systems? My system has cables from Audioquest, Pure-note, Homegrown (remember them?) and different model cables within each mfr. The situation with Power cables is even worse.

My question is this: How much benefit can any of this yield with such a hodge podge. Would it be better to get rid of everything and start anew with 1 mfr.? Has anyone had this problem?
IMO, there's nothing wrong with optimizing sound from one component to another using cables that sound best in that position, whether they're from the same manufacturer or not. I know most cable manufacturers will suggest using the same wire. I've only heard two systems that use the same wiring for ICs and speaker cables, and both systems sound quite good.

I've recently replaced 80% of my power cords with a particular model from one manufacturer, and I believe I hear benefits by doing so.
I have 4 brands: DNM, MIT and Harmonic Tech and Audioquest.

It is not a problem. Rolling cables is not much different than rolling tubes IMHO.
I can't think of one pwer cord that sounds good in every place in my system. I don't have a perfect system, what is that? Something is going to sound better than something else. I.C.'s are fewer. Try the fuses, and go one level deeper, they're great.
I have Straightwire LSI, Straightwire Encore, Monster M1000, SilverAudio 4.0 bullets, and some custom silver cable...I often wonder about that too especially because I have a switchbox so the cable coming from the component to the switchbox is different from the cable going to the amp...seems to be ok though.
In my experience, everything is based on your system. I am using Cardas Golden Reference mixed with an Electraglide Synapsis 2 power cable and it works for me. Prior to this I had Nordost Vishnu an Elrod and a few Virtual Dynamics Nite 2. Power cables constructed with silver also produce a different sonic quality than those comnstructed solely of copper. In my system power a silver power cable did not work well with my cd player (Meridian 508.24), just sounded way too bright.
Three words:

Synergy, synergy, synergy.

ALl components involved in listening must have synergy together, including the room and your ears.

You can buy it from a single manufacturer if you find it or you can create it yourself by mixing and matching, but be prepared to spend more time (and $$$s most likely as well over time) experimenting with the do it yourself approach.
I have Analysis Plus IC's from tonearm to pre-amp and their speaker cables, mixed with Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway 3 from Wadia 830 CD player to Belles 350A amp. No problems whatsoever. The Cable Company will s end you four or five cables at your request to try, a good way to find the right synergy with your components.Since all components have different sound characteristics, I see nothing wrong with using cables as tone controls to obtain the sound YOU are seeking, others have a different opinion.--Mrmitch
I've ended up going with one company's cables. I tryed about 8 to 10 different brands of IC's, PC's and speaker cables and found Acoustic Zen's cabling to sound the best in MY SYSTEM. For me, searching and trying different cables are over.
I run Tel Wire, Lessloss, and Cardas GR power cords, and Nordost Heimdall & Cardas GR IC's....and am very happy with the combo.

If I may say so, the Tel Wire's are recent additions, and I am VERY impressed with them. A real winner of a cord to be sure.