mixing a digital amp with a proceed amp ?

I have a proceed amp 3, I am thinking of adding a jeff rowland 201 amp for my mains, I would use the rowland for 2 channel and both for ht, My dealer said they would work together fine as long as they were set up correctly, I am looking for other opinions on this, I am using revel m22 mains and c32 center, thanks
What are your concerns specifically?

I dont see any problems at first glance.

The Rowland is not a digital amp- class D does not stand for "digital". It has a switching power supply which is frequently considered a digital amp but the output stage is entirely analog. There are no compatability issues.

Levels can be matched through your pre/pro- so output levels are not a problem.

The only issue I see, and it is not really an issue IMO is that ideally one would have the same amplifier on every channel. The idea being that everything is timbre matched and all the amplifiers sing a cohesive song. I would not let this bother you though as your amplification is all more than capable. Somebody looking to creat an absolute reference caliber HT might have a problem with it though.

Any differences the amplifiers might have on the sound would be very difficult to perceive under normal home theater conditions.