Mixing a Classe 2 channel amp with ice 3 channel ?

I have a classe 2 channel amp , I listen to music in only 2 channel, I am going to a 5 channel setup but have size restriction on a 3 channel amp, I would be using the 3 channel only for ht, opinions on mixing ice powered amps with analog amps would be apreciated, thanks
It should be fine, afterall you intend on HT use, even for music use it gets a bit blurry about what you are truely going to end up with. I use 2 Classe amps for mains and Rotel for surrounds.
HT theater setups are a huge compromise to 2 channel done well.

Get a powered sub if you need more room filling sound
I use a high end class D amp for my 2 channel listening with a dedicated preamp. I have a lower cost Rotel RMB-1095 SS amp for HT when I watch movies which isn't too often. No problems with the combination or sound across the center, surrounds and rear backs blending in well. I have a dedicated processor for HT and the preamp has a HT by-pass.
HT isnt a compromise when doen right, for instance my Projector and screen are not in the way for music listeing.