Tonight I was listening to Radiohead's Amnesiac, and the thought came into my head that it was too bad they didn't have B. J. Wilson of Procol Harum (if he's still around) as their drummer. Would've been a great fit. Once, I imagined Karen Carpenter and Elvis Costello doing Bacharach tunes together. Some nectar with the scotch; could've been promising.

Any thoughts about intriguing matches that would've made good music? The more unlikely or impossible (because someone is dead or some other complication like that) the better, but all ideas welcome.
Shania Twain and a blow-up doll...what...she is a blow up doll!
gosh phasecorrect didn't you make a statement on this forum about shania and leg kicks.... ??

hmm please more about your shania obsesseion..;)

hmm shania has mark e. smith's next wife ?? how about that ! ? :)