Mitsubishi TV service codes

Does anyone know, or know of a website, where I can find the Mitsubishi TV service codes and the code system for entering into the service menu? Thanks.
Hi smwdrtwin, what model Mitsu are you trying to get into? I've got some Mits service info laying around that might have a procedure to get into the service menu. Just email me with a model# and I'll take a look.
I can only get one code to work, but do NOT advise using it...

MENU 1 2 3 (.............STOP HERE!!!!!! ENTER will reset system to factory defaults. HOME will exit this.)

will reset system to defaults. This is a very dangerous code if do not have the other code to get to the service menu. I have tried all the codes I could find on the internet, but still cannot access the service menu.
If you want to learn about tweeking your mits,checkout They have a section all about that kind of stuff. Be careful. I think you have to join to get in.