Mitsubishi Pre's and vintage tube amps

I have an opportunity to pick up Mitsubishi DA-P10 and DA-P20 preamps at around $200 each on my local Craigs. Are these any good if combined with vintage tube gear, Dyna ST-70 or ST-35?

Wow my brother in law still has a full Mitsubishi stack (tuner - pre and amp). Not bad but has since upgraded to Bryston then Pass Labs. The amp was sent in a couple of times for repair (bad relays) but the pre and tuner still work just fine. Wish I could answer your question because he doesn't care for tubes. But for $200 I would say it's worth a try. BTW my brother in law won't toss anything if he can't sell it for close to what he paid. He has never tried to sell because he knows the value isn't there when compared to new LOL.

That being said the Mitzy stack sounded a little nasally compared to the Bryston (bp25 and 3BST) and with the Bryston sounding a little dry and forward sounding compared to the Pass aleph 30.
Not really, can get a decent EE minimax tube pre or Dynaco modded PAS-3 for few hundred more. Right now there a dozen pres on A-Gon under 500$ thaat are better, inc, a Hafler 100 for 160 shipped.
Thanks Schubert. PAS-3 was/is my first choice, but when I see something intriguing locally I investigate. Both Mitsus are dual mono and look like quality built, which of course is not a good predictor of SQ: