Mitsubishi Linear Tracking Turntables

Hello All!

I've recently purchased an LT-30, I love the looks of this turntable and really enjoy the ease of use. I'm not sure if I've got it well setup, it sounds fantastic but am sure that I little tweak here and there would help it out. I'm wondering what others think of this table and also I would really like to find a copy of the owners manual to adjust the setup. If anybody has a copy it would be very much appreciated.
Linear tracking arms hold a theoretical advantage over pivoted arms, but are not easy to design, build or maintain. Aside from making sure that the cartridge used is compatible and properly mounted and that any tracking force adjustment has been properly made, there is basically nothing left to do but enjoy the device and hope that the servo mechanism does not break as it would, in all likelihood, be impossible to repair or replace.
i would contact member EZEKIEL. i think randy owns one of these, services and upgrades them, and is a big fan of the vintage mitsu hi-end linear trackers. he'll be able to tell you exactly what it needs to sound its best.
I own one of Randy's LT-30s. I've had mine for over a year, it replaced an LP12, and I have a ZYX R100H on it. If you can't get ahold of Randy, email me and I'll try to help.