Mitsubishi DLP problem

If anyone knows what this might be...

I am getting Horizontal lines that run up or down the screen of my Mitsubishi DLP TV. This only happens on any input other than HDMI. With an HDMI source(be it the cable box or dvd player or laptop) the picture is clear. I have tried 3 component sources, 2 dvd player and a cable box, and all display same problem. The effect is similar to a magnetic interference you would get with a tube television if you place something that causes magentic field distortion(unshielded speaker for example).

I suspect the processor or converter or chip or whatever it is called in the DLP tv, is going, or on its way.

Any thoughts?

What your experiencing is most likely a ground loop. If your tv has a 3 pronged outlet plug, try using whats called a cheater plug, which converts a 3 prong to 2. The lines will probably go away. There are other fixes as well. Do a search for ground loops and see if anything comes up.
Sorry to hear that... Well then it's obvious the issue is in the analog section somewhere... how about the antenna input?

I'm gonna take a stab at the vertical hold being the culprit. Older sets had an adjustment at the rear of the unit usually set into a spot off to itself. Slight turning of it either with a plastic screwdriver or fingers, if exposed, will usually remedy the issue.... that's what the 6SN7 TUBES USED TO HANDLE... VERTICAL HOLD. i THINK THEY'VE GONE ALL TO CHIPS NOW, BUT STILL SOME ADJUSTMENT SCREWS CAN BE PRESENT. SOMETIMES.

It also might not be sticking out of the back of the box either, so you have to look closely for it.... Call Mit and ask them about your model.
how about trying a different cable from the source to the tv. or how about trying a different input on the tv. couldn't tell if you tried this yet r not.
thanks for the thoughts.

I have tried different inputs. different cables. Same problem unless I use HDMI then it is OK. There is no ground loop. TV plug is 2 prong. I have tried it direct or into Shunyata Hydra 4 with same results.

I ordered a tech to come over. It was worth to have that extended warranty I never buy but in this case I felt I may need it. Still have little over a year left on it. This was a good timing for this thing to crap out.

I just reaplized that my friend had the same problem whith a 73" Mitsubishi DLP and they ended up giving him a new TV. This was a while ago.
Funny thing is, they don't make the 52" DLP anymore, which is what I have. So if they can't repair this one, I wonder what they will offer.
Ask the Tech what the prob was ... now I'm curious too.

Good luck.
Thanks! I'll post the update.
They figure it out yet?

Hope so for your sake.
yes. It is the optical engine....whatever it means. They will take it in for repair after the holidays.
Optical engine... hmmm.... maybe that's a new word for 'IC chip'.

Hope they hurry.
Do you mean light engine? This can be very expensive, making it actually not worth repairing. Not sure of your model, but I know some light engines in the Mits can be as much as $1800 with labor.The bulk of the cost being the light engine itself unless under warranty. In most cases a new TV is a better investment.
$1800? Whoa!

I bet this is one time you're glad to have the extended warranty! I never buy those things myself. guess I've been fortunate. My near never used 61 inch Sony still plays well... but it's old school. 3 9 inch TVs are inside of it... or so the tech said.

The only thing I've had crap out on me since 2K were the Dell PCs I've had, a sony VCR/DVD player, and a chip went out in my 8 yr old Sony es receiver and cost me $125. hearing it after the fix, I was happy to have paid it as it was getting a little fuzzy sounding.... that all changed with the new chip... it sounds as good as new now.

Very good luck with your repair/replacement.
Yeah Jim...The Mits DLPs have a history of this for some reason. A local Gold's GYM bought 27 of them roughly 3 years ago. They were trying to save money so opted out of buying Sony LCD flat panels instead. Well in the last 6 months 13 of them have crapped out with bad light engines!

Guess what..they still in the end bought those Sony LCDs. And will continue to buy them until the last Mits goes out.

Not much money saved this way long term,actually none.If they'd bought the Sony's from the start, chances are all would still be functioning now.
And now we know why DLPs are so cheap now!
$1800? Hell yeah I am glad I have opted for that extended warranty.

The tech said optical engine and also mumbled some other words that meant very little to me. are probably right though, optical engine and light engine could be one and the same thing.
I hope they declare it not worth fixing and just give me a credit for the amount, so I can just buy a new 1080p plasma or an LCD, now for the same money I paid for this 1080i DLP tv.
Count your lucky stars on that one then!lol
I've seen Mitsubishi give customers credit towards another TV. Their customer service is pretty darn good most of the time.

I've also seen a few people that got new light engines and were back in less than 6 months with another failure! Talking about pissed off!! The worst part is their warranty had expired by that time.

In a few cases, the dealer was able to talk Mitsubishi into giving the customer a credit towards another Mits purchase..hopefully not a DLP. This is more than what most TV manufactures will do. Especially on a TV that is several years old and completely out of warranty.

Don't hold your breath on a full credit. They may however give you $500 or so. The highest credit I've seen given to a customer was $800. Still not great for a person that spent $4000 on the
I didn't have my Mit big screen too long. Only a month or so. Sent it back and got the Sony instead. had I a room with controlled lighting, and knowing what I know now, I'd have gone with a projector. Period. No question.

Naturally, which ever resolution does more for you... take that option. having it repaired seems the best choice to me, if only a partial refund/rebate is offered.

If ya gotta take the money... for well under $1500 you can go BIG with a PJ + Screen. those DLP projectors work real good. Well, mine does anyways.

I'll keep a good thought for you in all this.
The thing is, I really like this TV. The colors are very natural. The picture doesn't strike you immediately. It's not like the TVs in the store you walk in and get shocked by the colors of the displays, almost cartoon like colors. This TV does have a darn good picture and I've been happy with it. Plus it has a protective glass over screen, which was important to me at the time I bought son was just learning to walk and started to explore things by touching them, so this glass is an excellent feature, although it glares. I am used to it.

I'll update the thread once I know what they will do - fix it ir give me a credit. I bought it at PC Richard, so the credit will be close to the full amount I paid, I think. At least that is what they gave my friend when his Mitsubishi TV that was still under warranty crapped out and they could not repair it. We'll see...
I can dig where you are coming from on that natual color bit. I was always drawn to that myself back when I was in the biz, but many aren't. Just like a hi fi stereo, the louder it can play, and have great extension on top and bottom, the more 'people catching' the thing will do in a store.

Now I'm all cartoony all the time, on my personal preset, and natural for when company arrives. Natural to them, is B&W almost to me.

Keeping fingers crossed for your experience to be most positive.

Merry Xmas too.
Thanks Jim.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!
Mits gave me a $1000 credit towards another Mits (57" DLP) when my rear projection TV quit after 5.5 yrs. Part to fix was no longer available. Took some patience and time to argue before settlement was made.
I just received a new Mits 73736 dlp; and it's fantastic...great colors; good brightness; all the bells and whistles; 1080p plush upconversion; deep color; 24 frames/second...since dlp's refresh so much faster than lcd or plasma; the 120hz designation doesn't really apply to dlp technology...and I got it all for less the $2k...I know that there are reliability issues with Mits; but if you get the extended warrenty; for the cost of the replacement bulb; you get your lite engine and whatever else breaks covered...the warranty cost me an extra $200..for the size; price; and quality picture; nothing comes close. I really like this one...
Good luck with your new Mitsu TV.
yep... if you are happy with that result, super. Congratulations.

Buy another warranty on the new set this go 'round as well?