Mitsubishi DA-M10 Power Meters

Im looking for one or two of these. How much should I pay ??
I bought 2 of the AMPs on Ebay recently and the METERS are going for much more than the amps themselves. Why is this ?

Does anyone out there have an explanation for this

thank you

mike s

new jersey
Probably because there are a bunch of people that have them with bad meters and they're justifying the cost of the meters by weighing it against replacing the amp entirely. And/ or: people who need one meter are buying two so they have a spare in case one goes bad in the future; for every two sold there's another full amp being parted out to keep one alive.
I searched for these meters for 10 years at a good price and shape. Kept losing on ones that were in good shape as I had a limit not to be exceeded.

Just pulled the trigger and paid $220.00 delivered. I know, crazy, but I really wanted these since 1980 when I purchased a new DA-A15DC amp. Meters were delivered today.

Meters are in perfect condition so I got my monies worth. Boy do they look great driving my Aerial 8's.