Mitsubishi da-a15dc

Anyone one familiar with this amp? If so, what do you think of it? Thanks
Listening to one now. Purchased new in 1980 for $999.00, I've owned it ever since. Just cannot let it go. This was my 2nd high-end purchase, first was my DQ10's. Purchased this amp to drive them. I barely had 2 nickels back then and lived on noddle's and butter to afford my hifi habit.

Just today I just got the M10 power meters and decided to give it a spin driving my Aerial 8's. The Aerials are big V8's that love gobs of power. I've not given this amp a ride in a while but do power it up every couple of months to keep things warm.

Been listening all night and things sound great. My primary 2 channel amps are Classe DR9 and Parasound HCA-3500. The a15dc keeps up. Bass is tight and has authority.

I think I will always have this amp around. Even when it is not playing I have it in my rack, people always get a kick out of seeing it and when I tell them to lift it they cannot believe how heavy it is.

Construction is solid. Sound is full, highs are tight and snappy. Oh, the preamp is also a Mitsubishi DA. The only thing I miss is having a remote.

I also own a Conrad Johnson ET3 but have never had this hooked up. May need to give this a try with this amp.