Mitigating the Bubble

Today after many years of trials and tribulations I have mitigated a sonic aberration a horizontal phase anomaly in my center stage.  While the center image was always stable and outlined it seemed narrow and bubble like and I would need to shift my body angle to really lock in the image. This was obvious on many CDs and LPs .

I have many man made fixes that helped the situation but never a total cure. Some of these are now permanent fixtures on the ceiling in 2 different locations. I made my own acoustic panels filled with long hair sheep's wool and 3 Argent Room Lenses.  I have laminar flow lenses that focus and stabilize the image across the front stage. I have built and treated an acoustic fan that overcomes the  boundaries with in my room by reducing interference. I have loaded my speaker cabinets 3 times with new drivers and now an outboard crossover. This was after my Essence 30s speakers and my Dunlavy SC4s.  ..All my components are hard mounted and direct coupled to the floor...on rock solid racks and speaker stands, custom mono bloc amps each on their own stand. All of these devices and angles and positions made the image wider and more focused but I still had that little  bubble and shift before me. Always less annoying with each new device and tweak.

So, your probably saying to yourself hurry up and get to the end. The end finally arrived today after having applied a contact enhancer 7 days ago to just 6 RCA ends out of many connections in my system.  Today with a friend who has been here a hundred times sitting in the Chair playing the same music as usual he said there was a wider sweet spot. I despise that term but he said it and not me.What we both heard was a super stable center image that was a few feet wide and not just one. The bubble was gone. The head in the vise was gone.  Off came the straight jacket and helmet. What I have now in this space intime is a glorious fully extended soundstage with all the meat on the bones and the features of talking heads on a real live performance stage. 

I have probably used eight different contact enhancers over five decades but this one blows my mind. This product  Nano Flo is the ultimate in transparency. 




I will state my qualifications again with more detail. I have a PhD in solid state physics and work predominantly in material sciences and have worked in the semiconductor industry and now battery industry. If you consider that a call to authority, good, it was.

Posting links to things you don’t understand and/or quoting things you don’t understand (and are ultimately irrelevant) are not moving this discussion forward. It is akin to all the Internet epidemiologists trying to justify their lack of being vaccinated by posting case rate data that demonstrated nothing more than their inability to put into practice basic math.

All these posts illustrate is a lack of understanding of relative conductivity, and how semiconductors operate, not to mention a lack of effort and research skills to discover that boron doped diamond becomes a superconductor at temperatures <= 10 KELVIN,


The callous cynicism of buying a $7 power cable, dipping the tips in a mysterious liquid, and then throwing it up on eBay for $1500, then "reduced" to $1000, to me says a great deal about the individual involved, and also sends up all kinds of other red flags concerning any and all claims made.

The mistake made by some here is to assume that because they disapprove of the personality, marketing methods, testing procedures and previous history of an inventor, then the invention must be invalid and the testimonials must be lies put forward by shills. That's a huge mistake, especially when that assumption is driven forcefully and repeatedly with no evidence and a complete unwillingness to investigate.

Any schmuck can claim all kinds of qualifications, and cut and paste all kinds of stuff to prove how smart they are, on an internet forum. The fact remains that you have no clue what this stuff actually does, or doesn’t, do, in the context of a high resolution audio system. You could find out (assuming you actually have such a system), but, unlike most of us, you are clearly NOT here to share your actual experience with other enthusiasts and/or learn from theirs.

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That’s for sure.  Any schmuck can post anything about anything.  Themselves,  products whatever.  So can others. You get to play to tell the truth and decide who is the real deal. 

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