Mitch Mitchell RIP

The drummer from The Jimi Hendrix Experience passed away today in Portland. He was 61.
Yeah Deano, that's a great exponent of the old Socratic debate. One man's fantastic percussive accompaniment is another man's wasted potential. I guess we have different opinions and tastes. Yes, I think he blew it and could have been great. Instead, just mediocre. Sorry. Maybe there are other opinions outside of the trailer park.
OK, I was being 'ironic', and it fell flat as a joke. Obviously Ginger Baker is one of the only drummers of his type (of a 60's psychedelic power trio) to go forth and become an interesting musician. Mitch Mitchell was a case of wasted potential, IMO. Obviously Ginger Baker was not.

However I could not resist acting 'as if' in relation to the Neanderthal response of Deano. My bad.
Yes,very sad, saw him just 4 weeks ago on the Hendrix tribute show.......little did we of the best, is truly laid to rest. Jimi,Noel,Mitch..a hundred years from now, people will listen and um ..WOW
Wow, I saw him a couple weeks ago in San Francisco ( Hendrix Experience) and he seemed to be having a great time. R.i.p. Mitch, and thanks for the memories.