Mitch Cotter Turntable?

I'll try to make a long story short, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Mitch Cotter B-1 turntable? The reason I am asking is I went to a local auction here and unbeknownst to me at the time a B-1 was there! I am young and inexperienced enough to say to myself "Man, that's an ugly turntable!" and I passed on it. After I got home and found out what it was, I have been kicking myself. Long story short, I wound up with some other Mitch Cotter stuff in another lot, along with a mystery black box, when I open it up it has a pinout which tellls me that it is the power supply for a turntable and one of the PCBs has the name Denon on it, did the B-1 come with an external power supply? I have not been able to find information on Denon turntables having an external power supply.
Dear Damen red: I understand that the Cotter is a Denon unit with some/several up grades on it.

The Cotter is a good TT but not to justified its very high price.

Regards and enjoy the music.