I need a 10 foot run of non bire-wire with spades.
Most T-2's are biwirable.
A friend told me once the T-2 and T-3 are very similar sounding with the T-3's maybe a tad warmer.
I need to tame some upper mid glare with my Thiel 3.5's.
I had T-2 biwirable in the past with different speakers and loved them.
They beat out HT prO-11'S and Kimber 8 TC.
Has any one have experiance with the T-2 VS the T-3's?
ask Joe Abrams our resident MIT rep.
membername = joeabrams
I own both pairs and find the T3's more warmer than the T2's.The T3's go great with analytical speakers,and the T2's are better for warmer speakers do to their neutrality.